10 Things You Must Do From Day One So Your Startup Thrives according to entrepreneur.com

From the 10 Things You Must Do From Day One So Your Startup Thrives, #2 is to Learn from and connect with other.

“Visit your competition, introduce yourself and develop a good relationship with them. Refer customers to them when it makes sense and don’t be afraid to ask them for help or advice. Even though you and your competitors are offering similar products or services, you each have your own specialization. Instead of fearing that competition, give them credit for what they excel at. Believe it or not, that will be reciprocated.”

As it’s written in Entrepreneur’s article, “there’s definitely no shortage of amazing advice out there”. Our advice for you would be to start getting known with Georgian Startup ecosystem by attending Startup Grind events regularly.  Learning from experienced speakers and keeping up to date with other startups might contribute a significant part in your future success.

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