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Startup Grind is a global network with chapters in over 300 cities and 120 countries, with 1,000,000 participants. It is the largest startup organization in the world.  The world headquarters are in Redwood City, Silicon Valley US where the Startup Grind Global is held annually, drawing 7000+.


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Startup Grind- Networking Georgia Worldwide

Startup Grind Tbilisi doesn’t just host events in Tbilisi. We also help connect Georgian startups with the world in a few ways:

  1. Startup Grind Global

We organized a trip to Silicon Valley in February of 2018 to bring startups and Georgian government representatives to Startup Grind Global.

See what Forbes wrote about Global a few years back Forbes Article

One Georgian company, VREX Immersive, placed in top 50 of 7000 companies that applied for the startup showcase.

Georgian Startup Crew at SUG Global
Nikoloz Gogochuri from VREX Immersive, at Startup Showcase, being interviewed during Startup Grind CEO Derek Andersens visit

We also met with Georgians living in the US such as Zaza Pachulia, George Arison and Nicholas Zaldestani.   Strong connections were made and some participants have seen direct outcomes from these relationships.

Zaza, George Arison and friends at small dinner in Pacifica.

2. Startup Grind Europe

For June 2018 Enterprise Georgia sponsors a booth at Startup Grind Europe in London. This will highlight Georgian startups.

Georgia will be a highly visible “country sponsor” for Startup Grind Europe and will be showcased in the Startup Nations event on the 14th and part of a VIP reception.

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Startup Grind Europe in Central Hall Westminster, London

3. Regional Startup Grind in Georgia?

While Silicon Valley and London have regional/global events it is also open for new countries to apply.  Georgian Ventures, Startup Grind Tbilisi chapter and GITA have been working hard to realize this possibility for 2019. If partnerships are sufficient this should be a first-of-its-kind 1000 person international startup convening in Georgia.


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Startup Grind is an international network of startup events, from local city chapters to the Startup Grind Global which includes over 7000 participants.

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Local Sponsors

The longest-standing global sponsor is Google for Entrepreneurs.

Bradley Horowitz, Google VP of Product and Mary Grove, Google for Entrepreneurs Director

But for our local chapter we rely on the support of the following sponsors and partners. Thanks to these organizations who invest in us so we can invest in the startups of Georgia!

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